Artist’s Statement


I have loved working with wood since I was very young. The beauty of trees has always been in inspiration to me. Their shapes are formed by the forces of nature combined with the unique structure of each tree resulting in complex grain patterns with timeless beauty.

 I have become fascinated with shaping wood by turning it on a lathe. On the lathe one can make shapes that display the beauty of wood in ways that one cannot do in any other way.  I have taken courses from great teachers including Bob Stocksdale and Jerry Kermode, both of whom are the consummate wood turners. I now am turning wood to make both decorative and functional bowls.

The wood I use is taken from trees that have fallen, not harvested. I also use wood that was salvaged from trees previously cut.  For instance, I am turning old growth redwood when available. Many of these trees were cut over a hundred years ago. What remains of these giants are stumps and fragments, some as old as 2000 years. The wood is still strong and the grain incredibly beautiful. True treasures.

I have a shop at my home and invite anyone who is interested to visit.